Where are Numedal, Kongsberg, Lardal, and Larvik?

The Numedal Valley lies in the heart of southern Norway between Oslo and Bergen in Buskerud fylke.  It is a beautiful, long, narrow valley that runs alongside the Lagen River.  Kongsberg, which is the heart of the Sandsvær area, lies at the south end of the valley.  Lardal and Larvik are in Vestfold Fylke but they are the two that border the Numedals Lågen River from where it leaves Sandsvær and flows into the ocean.

The valley is about 90 miles long.  It begins at Dagali and Tunhovd in the north.  Here the country is very rugged as you are close to the famous "Hardangervidda."  The terrain gets less rugged, but no less beautiful as you go south to Kongsberg.  The land around Kongsberg is much more gentle and therefore more accommodating to agriculture.

It is no accident that Numedal is called the medieval valley.  It features a number of cultural treasures like four beautiful "Stav" churches -- perhaps no other area in Norway can boast of so many.  They are located at Uvdal, Nore, Rollag, and Flesberg.  Perhaps some of your ancestors went to church in one of them.  And among the spectacular scenes from top to bottom of the valley are many quaint old farmsteads which include some of the oldest houses and most beautiful stabburs still in use in Norway today.

There are many fine museums in the valley and, of course, the silver mines of Kongsberg are a great attraction.

The six Kommunes are Nore/Uvdal, Rollag, Flesberg, Kongsberg, Lardal, and Larvik.  The churches and towns in these four areas are Dagali, Tunhovd, Uvdal, Rodberg, Skjonne, Nore, Veggli, Rollag, Flesberg, Lyngdal, Lampeland, Svene, Jondalen, Kongsberg, Hedenstad, Eftelot, Komnes and Tuft.

Numedal and Kongsberg are in Buskerud Fylke and Lardal and Larvik are in Vestfold Fylke and they lie just south of Kongsberg. The Laagen River as it is called there flows through them both. Further north the river is called Numedalslaagen. At Larvik the river flows into the sea.

In the olden days these two kommunes consisted of Lardal, Brunlanes, Hedrum, Larvik, Tjolling, and Stavern. Today these have been combined into just the two.

Churches in these kommunes are:
Lardal - Svarstad, Hem', Styrvold.
Larvik - Berg, Tanum, Stavern, Kjose, Larvik, Tjolling, Kvelde, Hedrum, Hvannes.