Why Join Numedalslågen Lag?

TRADITION:  Maybe your ancestors belonged to it.  The lag began in 1908 and had hundreds of members in its early days.  Numedalslag and Kongsberglag later merged.  In 2001, the two Kommuner of Lardal and Larvik were added to the lag.

THE NYHETER:  Our lag publication covers news about the Numedal and Kongsberg areas both past and present.  Many articles, photos, queries, etc. are contributed by members and as a member you will receive three issues a year.

OUR ANNUAL STEVNE:  A "stevne" is a convention where we get together for a great time.  It involves genealogy research & seminars, good entertainment, Norse crafts, products and food, fellowship and fun.  It is held in July, usually in the upper midwest.  We meet with six other "lags" to form the "Seven Lag Stevne."  Friends are made for a lifetime at the stevner.  Numedalslågen Lag also holds an annual "mini-stevne" on the first Saturday in October.

GROUPS TRIPS TO NORWAY:  Many members enjoyed the 2003 and 2008 trips planned by the Lag to the Numedal Valley and look forward to future travels to Norway.

GENEALOGY:  Our lag library has most of the microfilms of Norwegian parish and census records, plus many resource books, Bygdeboks and maps to help with your research.  We also have two great genealogists to assist you.  Members may borrow most library materials if willing to adhere to policies set forth by Numedalslag.

PRIDE:  We are proud of our Numedal-Kongsberg heritage.  We enjoy learning more about our ancestral areas and meeting others with the same ancestral heritage.  We share a "common bond" and strive to strengthen the ties between people on both sides of the ocean.